Excuses abound for teachers and students

Siarra Fleeman

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Everyone has excuses for not doing something. We all know this. We all use excuses, but let’s see what everyone uses as excuses for not doing something in school.

Some of the most common excuses that we use is “I was sick.”, “My Wifi wasn’t working,” and  “I forgot it at home.”  Other excuses are I went to the game, I was in the hospital, I spilled soda on it, I was hunting, I had practice, I had to go somewhere and I didn’t have time doing it.

Even teachers give us excuses for not doing things. Some of the excuses they give us are I had meetings, I had stuff to do, I was sick, and my kids are sick. So kids are not the only ones giving excuses to the teachers. Then the teachers use them.

Yes, you may get busy, but you always do your work first. Don’t give excuses.

“Quit being lazy you have two hands and two feet that you need to use if you don’t you won’t get through life” Courtney Meherg, freshman, said.


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