Social media makes bullies bulletproof

Siarra Fleeman

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Note – This is the second installment of a multi-part series of staff opinion pieces regarding the issue of bullying.

Social media’s role in bullying is by hiding what you say. With Instagram you can make your profile private so only the people you want to can see it. You can make a fake account and no one knows who you are. You can talk to the person and make them feel better then talk about them to their friends and get them where they won’t talk to that person.

Most people think it has gotten better over the years but it hasn’t. The thing is that our phones cause more of it. The things you say behind the screen and not get into trouble. The more that social media gets updated the more the things that are said will get worse.

Even though it is online, the parents need to get more into the children’s lives and get them to trust them enough with all of this.

Most kids that bully don’t have a good life and they need to find a way to make it bearable, but the people that they bully may also have those same problems and that makes it even harder on them.

Everything that happens online is there for the rest of time. Even if you delete it, you can find it again. Nothing online stays hidden in the world. Just by being in the world with technology makes it harder on you to get things done. You get sidetracked by one mean comment on your post and you start judging yourself.

Social media has made the bullying a lot worse than it was in the old days. Most think that girls’ drama and it is different from the boys’ drama, but now it is mostly mixed.

Everyone gets away with it online, but in life, you can’t. So that is why most people don’t bully in life they do it online to get away with it. If they didn’t get away with it then maybe social media would be fun again. Bullies get away with most of the time because you can’t do anything with it at school because it didn’t happen at school.

The way that plays into the life of us kids is horrible. Parents don’t do anything about it because they could care less.

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