“Stranger Things” delivers with season two

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“Stranger Things” delivers with season two

Nadia Brown

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Editor’s note – The following review contains some minor spoilers for season two of “Stranger Things.”

Season two of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” came on Friday, Oct. 27. I really love this season, just as much as I loved the first one. I like the new characters they introduced, and how they contributed to the story.

Max was my favorite new character. I liked how she didn’t leave them even when they were mean to her, and I liked how she helped with all the crazy stuff that happened.

However, even with the new characters, my favorite is still Eleven. I love that she is loyal to her friends, but she doesn’t let people push her around. I obviously think her powers are awesome, too.

I enjoyed watching relationships between the characters change. They seemed more mature this season, which makes sense since it is a year later. I thought it was cute how Dustin and Lucas both had a crush on Max.

Also, there was some scary stuff and a lot of suspense, but not so much that it is unbearable. There were quite a few scenes where I was worried about whether one of the characters would die. There were also some jump scares, but not really bad ones. I wouldn’t like it as much if it were really scary.

There wasn’t quite as much as a cliffhanger this season as there was in season one, but I don’t mind that.

What I didn’t like is that they didn’t focus as much on the big monster and what it really was. They paid more attention to the same monsters from before, but I didn’t really learn much more about them. My guess is that they could just be saving the mind flayer for the next season.

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