Homecoming festivities start Monday

Nadia Brown

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Homecoming week starts Monday, January 8. Tickets to the dance will be on sale starting Monday at lunch. Tickets cost $4 for individuals and $7 for couples. Guest homecoming forms are due Wednesday, and the spirit boards are due Thursday.

The dress-up theme for Monday is Farmer vs. Frat. For Tuesday it is Decades Day, so dress up like they did in your favorite decade. On Wednesday you dress up as what you would rather be doing. Thursday is Music Genre Day. Friday is “Overall” Best Class Day, so you wear overalls with you class color. The class colors are purple for ninth grade, green for tenth, blue for eleventh and pink for twelfth.

The classes will be judged on the percent of people that dress up each day, their performance in the lion games, the banners, and the lip sync. The lion games are first and second period Friday, followed by the lip sync and the pep rally. The Ceremony starts at 5:30, and the game starts at 6. The dance starts at 10:30.

The homecoming maids are Anna Grace Adams, Ashten Wallace, and Chloe Lackey in ninth grade, Sierra Eubanks, Alissa Delong, and Vivian Pryor in tenth grade, Ali Smith and Kaitlynn Adams in eleventh grade, and Vanessa Luna, Courtney Merrit, and Presley Pierce in twelfth grade.


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