School Shootings

Siarra Fleeman

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So many bad things happen in this world but nothing compares to the school shootings. My thoughts as a high school student about all the school shootings are that there should be more security guarding the doors. The reason that I think this is because the shooter then can’t get through the door. The students wouldn’t be so scared to go to school and could enjoy their days.

No matter how many times we talk about it the people won’t get better security. Security is the only option that we have now that there have been more shootings. Get people watching the doors and get bulletproof glass that you can’t shoot through. Getting these kinds of things and then you will have less school shooting and more people wanting to go to school.  

We don’t know what is running through the persons as they make the decisions to do this or driving them to do this. Just out boredom or because they are stupid. No matter what they are doing this for or how they make these decisions, they should realize that it’s going to lead to jail time and the loss of your rights to bear arms.

Making these decisions that school shooters do they lost a lot of things that they am have wanted to keep in their lives. They ruin their lives by doing this. Not thinking about the outcomes of what they are doing. If they did then they would know that it’s not worth going to jail. They have students scared to be safe at school, If they wouldn’t do what they do no one would be homeschool unless they had to because they would know that they schools are safe.

These people are taking innocent people lives. What do they get out of this? A rush, a high, the feeling that they need to do it again. The only thing that get is a jail sentence and then maybe a death sentence. They think that they will be cool or they will get famous for shooting up a school. The world that we live is stupid and only think about about getting famous. The people in the world thinks that it is fun and games. They want to famous and will do anything to get there.

People that are doing this think we won’t get into trouble they think they can get away with it. They are psychopaths that don’t feel what they are doing, They don’t have feelings and feel no guilt in their hearts or bodies for what they are doing. If they felt  anything for what they did they wouldn’t be doing this. The fact that they don’t feel anything from it shows that they need to be locked up and not in places around people. Everyone thinks that they feel something after they do it but that’s not true they feel nothing for the innocent people that they had killed. No matter what they do, they wont feel anything because they are monsters and need to be put on the death sentence.

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