Use of JUUL trending among teens

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Use of JUUL trending among teens

Bari Collard

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Peer pressure. It forces you to do crazy things, just to be what others consider “cool”. Most of the time, being cool doesn’t consist of doing things that are good for you. Being cool is rebelling, doing things most people’s parents wouldn’t like.

“Because my dad smoked and drank since before I was born, he was a terrible influence on me. ‘Monkey see monkey do,’ that’s why I smoke/vape/JUUL/drink. I have a [expletive] dad,” a student who spoke with MHS Voice on the condition of anonymity said.

JUUL is a form of e-cigarettes that are currently trending. It resembles a flash drive and it appeals to teens for many reasons, even though you have to be eighteen to purchase them. According to a recent survey one reason that students to choose to use a JUUL is due to its small size another reason is it looks “cooler.”
A Mashable article says, “Teenagers love JUUL. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are filled with #juul references.”
So now, peer pressure doesn’t just come from your close friends. It comes from all over social media and you see those popular people from all over the world using JUUL.
“I don’t use any of those products any more. When I’m around cigarettes I feel sick because of the smoke and the vape/JUUL I don’t want to use those because they can make your life shorter for you and I want to live a long and happy life,” the same student said. “They equal 20 cigarettes and that’s really bad for your health.”
Each JUUL pod has enough nicotine to equal the amount of about twenty cigarettes. It also contains airborne chemicals. The airborne chemicals have been known to cause bronchiolitis obliterans, or “popcorn lung”. Popcorn lung is a lung damaging condition which will make you have a dry cough and be short of breath. Tiny air passages become irritated and inflamed, which can prevent you from getting enough air, according to
In a survey concerning JUULs for the students of Manila High School, 17% of 144
people said that they have used or owned a JUUL. However, 81% of the same 144 people said that they know another student who owns or uses a JUUL. These numbers suggest there were students who took the survey and were dishonest about the question concerning their own JUUL use. There were also a total of 12 people who admitted to using their JUUL on school campus.
Steve Milligan, Assistant Principal for Manila High School, was asked about JUULs at school and the consequences. He agrees that the size makes it easier for students to hide, and that it is more common than most adults realize. He also said the consequences were exactly what the handbook said for tobacco products.
“We would treat it no different than if they were smoking in the bathroom because essentially, it’s the same,” Milligan said.
According to the handbook, the consequences, the degree depending on how many offenses you have, will be suspension, a fine and Saturday school.
According to, JUUL has been under new regulations. The company is no longer selling the fruitier flavors in stores. The fruity flavors are mainly what the underage users tend to buy. The only way to buy these flavors is online, and with your social security number. The FDA gave those new regulations to JUUL with hope that it could cut out under age use. However, other brands make pods with the popular flavors. These pods are compatible with the JUUL device, so that solves the problem for those who prefer flavors like cucumber melon.
JUULs can be found at the Exxon Mobil gas station, right here in Manila. The store’s owner, Max Pate, works hard to make sure there are no devices sold to any under age customers.
“There’s a system we use that asks employees to ratify age, date of birth, before they can go ahead and complete the transaction.” Pate said, “A lot of times, customers have a fake ID. We have another device that checks if the ID is fake or not.”
Even though peer pressure can force you to do these things and it is possible to get JUULs at almost any age, do the research to see the long term effects of vaping. Remember the Manila student who said, “I don’t [JUUL] I’m too cool for them”,

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