Where to go? What to do?

Olivia Palmer & Leticia Garbriel

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  Spring Break comes but once a year and every time it brings a certain amount of pressure along with it. Where to go? What to do? Most of the time people think an extravagant trip to a beautiful place is the only acceptable option. Nobody ever thinks about staying close to home. But if you were thinking of staying home and having some legal fun, there is plenty to keep you busy.

Living in a small town like Manila sometimes means opportunity for fun doesn’t come knocking on your door. Manila may not have much but the neighboring towns have loads more to offer.

Jonesboro has many fan favorites for hanging with friends and family. You can try out Hijinx. This is an affordable escape with many different options. Bowling, laser tag, arcade games and so much more. You can do so much for so much less money, it really is a family experience like no other. There are so many memories to be made there. It is a jam-packed night of fun without the headache-inducing chaos that comes with most nights out. What would usually empty your wallet and your gas tank is a less expensive and rewarding activity to enjoy.

Hijinx is not the only place Jonesboro has to offer. Another location that will guarantee an exciting activity is Ultimate Air. An indoor trampoline park with foam pits and basketball courts and even dodgeball. A place that is not just for kids and teenagers, but even adults will have a good time.

Jonesboro also has a variety of restaurants to choose from and multiple colleges. The colleges offer tours and have museums open to the public. It also offers some of the basic big city stops like the mall, several movie theatres, and various other places to shop.

Another neighboring city is Blytheville, although it may not have all the attractions that Jonesboro offers it is rich in historic sights. Places to visit include the Ritz Civic Center, The Delta Gateway Museum, located in Main Street, and the Highway 61 Arch which is located near Blytheville. There are also cultural and annual events throughout the year such as festivals in the Greater Blytheville Area Chamber during spring break.

There are always places in or around the town you live in that are waiting to be discovered. Spring Break is the perfect time to explore them. Not only will it take the stress of planning the perfect trip for a whole year off but it will save money which allows for bigger budgets and opportunities to do more at home. Of course, the added bonus that staying close to home allows the uncomfortable truth of sleeping in hotel beds to remain a far off nightmare. Although it might not offer as much glamour as a trip to Disney or Cancun, a relaxing vacation close to home has plenty of benefits.

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