A New Era of Music is Born

Anna Beth Baugher

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Following the recent release of “A Star is Born”, music lovers everywhere have been raving about the new movie soundtrack. The album captures the emotion from the movie and brings it to life through various genres and styles of music, each song bringing something unique and fresh to the table.

Despite “A Star is Born” being his first musical project, Bradley Cooper does not disappoint. He has an extremely versatile voice with the ability to sing everything from hard rock to romantic ballads. In “Alibi” and “Black Eyes”, Cooper introduces us to his rough-around-the-edges character, Jackson Maine. These two songs are the epitome of rock, electric guitar and all.

As the movie progresses and Jackson’s character begins to change, Cooper takes on more thoughtful songs, such as “Maybe It’s Time”, perhaps one of his best solo performances. With a soft country sound and some of the most meaningful lyrics on the album, “Maybe It’s Time” definitely brings out the best in Cooper’s voice.

Although the soundtrack is filled with songs that were written to explore the depths of human emotion, “Shallow” accomplishes something that no other song on the album can. Some of the best songwriters in the world came together to write this song and it is obvious. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, one of the best vocalists of all time, sing in perfect harmony for this duet. The passion is undeniable and so real.

Whereas Lady Gaga usually portrays herself as more theatrical than authentic, you can hear true vulnerability in her voice when she is singing in “A Star is Born”. Although her dramatic performances and bold personality have developed her a large fanbase, this movie and this album have revealed an entirely new side of Gaga that fans can’t get enough of.

In “Always Remember Us This Way” and “Is That Alright”, Gaga demonstrates raw talent. She gives listeners a glimpse into how wide her vocal range truly is.

Gaga’s most popular solo song on the album is “I’ll Never Love Again”. In this heartbreaking ballad, listeners truly feel for Gaga and her character, Ally. This song reflects the pain that Ally is feeling in the movie, and Gaga communicates that pain in a beautiful way.

Although Lady Gaga’s heartfelt songs are hits in the music industry, some of her more upbeat songs from the soundtrack are terribly underrated. “Look What I Found” and “Hair Body Face” are refreshing and energizing compared to the majority of the songs on the album. They are the types of songs that listeners can bob their heads to anywhere, without having to worry about crying in public.

“A Star is Born” has set the bar high for future movie soundtracks. Complete with songs that will make you smile and cry, the album will send listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. Cooper and Gaga are reborn as artists in “A Star is Born”. In a world of empty lyrics and meaningless melodies, they remind us all of the true power of music.

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