Strasser thriller an enjoyable read

Sierra Eubanks

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The mystery thriller “Kill You Last” by Todd Strasser is an enjoyable read. 

What I liked about this book was that the actual killer was never a suspect and they had no connection to the missing girls what so ever. I also like how her best friend Ramon never accused Shelby’s father, the main suspect, of killing the three missing girls.

I didn’t like the character Gabriel because of his personality. I also didn’t enjoy when the reporters surrounded Shelby’s car and wouldn’t let her get out to go into her house. I thought that part of the story was an important part but I didn’t like how they bombarded her and about made her break into tears.

When I first started reading this book I kind of lost interest because I had long periods of time where I couldn’t read it. Once I picked back up where I had left off my interest was peaked and I finished the book quickly. As I read the rest of the book I realized that I, Like Shelby, was also trying to figure out who killed the three missing girls. I also found myself being almost as surprised as Shelby once the actual killer was revealed.

After I had finished “ Kill You Last” I was slightly saddened by the ending but enjoyed it all in all. I suggest that other students read the book because it is a very intriguing book and it has many suspects, who could all be the culprit, that are eliminated one by one.

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