The evolution of the bully

Sierra Eubanks

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Note – This is the first installment of a multi-part series of staff opinion pieces regarding the issue of bullying.

Over the years bullying has advanced. It has gone from in-person bullying and dirty notes to cyberbullying and physical bullying.

Back in the day bullying consisted of talking behind one another’s backs, being very rude\mean to each other, and dirty notes. Bullying rarely got very physical between girls and boys. It all mainly revolved around talking badly about each other.

Nowadays bullying revolves around using social media to hurt one another. Social media is also used to post bad things about each other where both parties can see it and the comment on it. The kids of our generation are more physical now than the older generations.

Most young people think it is easier to get away with online bullying than bullying in person. This is what our generation thinks about it. They think that it can’t be taken care of without problems from the bullier.

Back in the day they referred to it as “boys will be boys” and “girls will be catty.” If you were bullied, it was taken care of without the hassle of getting the crap beat out of you. It was also easier for adults to find out about what was going on.

One of the biggest ways it’s changed is it has went from the face-to-face confrontation to the bully hiding behind social media to make the victim’s life a living nightmare. The way the bullies’ tactics have changed have went from a strong and intimidating person to a person who hides behind a screen to insult anyone.

Bullying has went from being bullied by the bigger, scarier looking kid to being bullied by groups of people. It used to be if you had a bully once you got tired of it, and got enough courage, you could stand up to them. Now though, it is different. Now we have groups, which means if we stand up we get beat up by more than one assailant.

Bullying has changed so much that kids in our generation don’t really have the escape that adults always tell us about. No matter what we do, it always somehow gets worse, and we can never find a reasonable way to get away from it.

Yet about 20 years ago you could stand up to your bully and find a easy way to get out of being a victim. The older generation did not have to go through as much problems as ours to get away from their bullier/bullies.

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